Insole TPU Reinforcement


Insole TPU Reinforcement


With TPU REINFORCEMENT zone that offers great support and lateral stability to your heel, while relieving pressure on the sole of the foot and avoiding pain thanks to its reinforcement that provides stiffness, adapting and cushioning your foot against blows.

With ANTIDESLIZING zone that avoids the movement of the shoe and provides greater stability preventing the feet from sliding forward.

With microperforated TRANSPIRABLE area to facilitate better ventilation, keeping our feet comfortable, fresh and dry.

It incorporates materials with great power of ABSORPTION of sweat to keep the feet always dry and with special treatment ANTIBACTERIAL fungicide and bactericide that reduces the incidence of bacteria and fungi, avoiding their proliferation and their unpleasant effects.

With zone of ABSORPTION IMPACTS ON THE HEEL, of enormous efficiency and very high performance that absorbs the energy of the blows and the vibrations.

The special padding in the heel area increases the CONFORT and creates an additional cushioning to the sole by distributing the load over the entire surface of the plant.


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39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46

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EU Size UK Size USA Size
35 2 3
36 3 4
37 4 5
38 5 6
39 5.5 6.5
40 6 7
41 7 8
42 8 9
43 9 10
44 9.5 10.5
45 10.5 11.5
46 11 12
47 12 13